Boost Risk Decision Speed and Accuracy with Spec Orchestrate

Secure more comprehensive trust decisions by pulling from unlimited data sources, driving continuous feedback to your risk models, and ultimately sharpening risk decisions with Spec Orchestrate, the power of Spec’s Trust Cloud. Now, you don’t have to wait 12-24 months to implement; you can be up and running in less than 15 minutes. Yes, we said within 15 minutes – Spec’s Trust Cloud can be up and running that quickly – so you can start optimizing operations and breaking down internal silos. 

It turns out that the ability to see all web traffic and segment good users from bad users goes hand in hand with the ability to provide frictionless experiences that generate higher trust and revenue for an eCommerce site. In fact, we look for the light bulb moment in our sales conversations when teams beyond fraud and security understand our value props and begin to salivate as they list how they can use the Trust Cloud for their own purposes (e.g., “finally rip out XYZ to save $XYZ”). (Check out the infographic)

The full power of Spec’s Trust Cloud rests in Spec Orchestrate, which surfaces actionable insights on site traffic and optimizes automated workflows to free teams up for focusing on high-value work rather than repetitive tasks. Spec Orchestrate also provides unlimited connections to REST APIs: you don’t have to switch between multiple platforms to get the full picture of a user’s journey throughout your website. Instead, run operations from beginning to end on our platform by investigating all the facts from a single place and pipe the information to cross-functional teams to take review and action. All of this happens in real-time, on-demand. 

Spec’s Trust Cloud goes beyond pulling all the data you might ever want, generating insights and actions in real-time, beyond just unifying your teams, tools, and APIs. The value of our Trust Cloud is having a foundation that empowers you to make big decisions in real-time with a full context of your user journey’s across your whole company. The Trust Cloud is more than an orchestration hub; it is a platform of possibility.

We started out as a fraud and security-focused platform and continue to be deeply passionate about that. But, as we grow our technology and our platform, we embrace our ability to serve beyond this core market and are so confident in the value we provide that we give our prospective customers the ability to try it before they buy.

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