Fraud Along the Customer Journey

RH-ISAC Podcast with guests Nate Kharrl and Anthony Micara

In this episode, RH-ISAC’s President, Suzie Squier, chats with our CEO and Founder, Nate Kharrl, and our Head of Product Success, Anthony Micara, about the organizational challenges retailers have when attempting to prevent fraud across the customer journey. Nate and Anthony discuss how using Spec’s Trust Cloud prevents pain points such as data silos, product launch delays, missed markets, and more while ultimately aligning all teams with one single, continuous stream of information.

Listen as Nate and Anthony unpack what the future of fraud prevention and journey-time orchestration looks like for companies that have visibility beyond checkpoints, revealing all activity leading up to each event, developing a better understanding of legitimate users, and proactively determining the best strategies for preventing fraud.

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RH-ISAC & Spec

Initially, we encountered RH-ISAC by being selected as one of five companies to speak at RH-ISAC’s Inaugural Emerging Technology Showcase, where we demoed our platform in action. Sharing how Retail and Hospitality companies can use the Trust Cloud to orchestrate internal data silos to harmonize data, discover insights across their departments, and use that data to automate fraud detection and prevention.

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