Introducing SpecTrust

Today, we’re excited to announce that cybercrime defense teams have a powerful new weapon against online threats. By unifying people, data, and technology in a truly no-code platform, SpecTrust enables teams in authentication risk, transaction risk, onboarding compliance, user trust & safety, and application security to rapidly optimize their cybercrime defenses and instantly respond to emerging threats.

Our rapid growth has been bolstered by $4.3M in funding led by Cyber Mentor Fund with participation from Rally Ventures, SignalFire, Dreamit Ventures, and Legion Capital.

New protections are needed in an increasingly digital world

The world’s shift to a more digital economy took a giant leap forward over the last year as a record number of people came to rely on internet businesses to meet their day-to-day needs. With these new trends in commerce and banking came more opportunities for fraudsters, scammers, and identity thieves to target people and businesses.

Cybercrime losses grew faster than new revenues in 2020 as the popularity of no-code attack tools and click-to-deploy infrastructure made it easier than ever for criminals to launch sophisticated attacks. As businesses focus on embracing the growth of online commerce, risk teams must accelerate and align their defense capabilities to keep attackers at bay without turning away good customers.

No-code defenses against the threats of today and tomorrow

We’ve heard it from cybercrime defense teams in every industry and every scale: they had data they needed to stop an attack somewhere, just not somewhere useful. The complexity of modern applications, the rising sophistication of attacks, and the abundance of risk vendor data require engineering teams to get involved for even small updates to today’s cybercrime defenses. Meanwhile, the demands of a rapidly growing business create fierce competition for each engineer’s time and attention. Risk teams struggle to find ways to survive emerging attacks for months while waiting for priority from their engineering teams.

We built SpecTrust to instantly put complete assessment, automation, and enforcement capabilities in the hands of teams charged with fighting modern cybercrime threats – no code required. Now, risk teams can review and investigate every customer journey, from their first pageview through their last click, with unified behavior, identity, history, and risk data. Instead of waiting on development cycles and engineering priority, teams using SpecTrust are instantly optimizing their strategies to accept more business and catch more fraud.

Designed for fraud and cybercrime defense teams

Session Search

Session Search empowers risk teams to find high-risk user activity and replay suspicious customer journeys, from the first page view to the last click, in a fluid interface that encourages discovery and leaves attackers with nowhere to hide.

  • Start instantly. No-code deployment means your teams are realizing the full value of the risk defense layer within minutes.

  • See everything. SpecTrust collates every interaction, risk assessment, and data point into the context of the end-user’s actual experience. Teams get a comprehensive view of how each end-user interacts with their application in order to better understand their intent.

  • Search from anywhere. You can save custom searches and search templates as URLs to be embedded into any application or workbook you use today. Unified risk data is never more than one click away.


Investigations allow users to collaborate on suspicious sessions and entities to expose fraud rings and sophisticated attack signatures.

  • Never miss a link. Automatic entity and event association makes it easy for investigators and analysts to spot the larger patterns of fraud rings, organized crime, corruption, and abuse.

  • Session replay. Replay sessions — or clusters of similar sessions — to uncover linked behavior and clearly differentiate customer and criminal behavior.

  • Collaborate instantly. Teams can easily share, refine, and classify attack signatures to drive accurate recognition of future attacks.
Spec Management

Spec Management allows users to extend enhanced visibility and control to any step of a customer journey with a few quick configuration changes. No code required.

  • Capture key moments. No matter how your application is built, SpecTrust adapts to find key risk moments in your customer journeys to provide the visibility and control you need. Zero code required.

  • Expand defenses instantly. Attackers rapidly change tactics, now you can too. No-code configuration allows you to extend protections on the fly to keep pace with evolving threats.

  • Designed for hybrid cloud. Tomorrow’s applications are even more distributed and complex.

  • That doesn’t have to affect the agility or coverage of your cybercrime defenses. The SpecTrust risk defense layer is purpose-built to detect and mitigate threats without requiring access or integration to your applications.

SpecTrust deploys instantly and is available today

Our mission is to unify the fight against cybercrime. Today, we move one step closer by providing teams with comprehensive data collection, collaborative tools, and a common language for detecting, classifying, and mitigating cybercrime threats. Unlock the potential of your teams and data with SpecTrust.

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