Peek Inside SpecTrust’s Automation Suite

SpecTrust is wholeheartedly no-code unlike others who are only half-heartedly no-code. We continue to build out our platform with feedback from customers and experts in the community and are extremely excited to highlight our automation suite.

SpecTrust customers can respond to emerging fraud & security threats with an intuitive interface to visualize complex workflows. These workflows are multi-step functions that run automatically when preset conditions are met, turning data into outcomes.

  • Ex 1: Every time a user logs in on your website, our automation suite can run a series of checks to determine whether the account is at risk of takeover & flag any suspicious activity for review on our platform. We can also send to 3rd party case management tools like Zendesk.

  • Ex 2: When actions are simultaneously occurring on the same account from different devices, our automation suite can call out to the preferred device fingerprinting vendor to identify known bots.

The screenshot below shows a workflow that was run when a user successfully logged in to a website. This preset rule triggered the action of sending several facts from the user session to a 3rd party vendor’s risk scoring model. The 3rd party vendor’s machine-learning models were used to track the user’s behavior as they progressed through a purchase flow on the website. 

All of this is done in real-time. There is no waiting on a database refresh or webhook replay to sync data: there’s only immediate results in the blink of an eye. Our customers can configure rules and test against production traffic multiple times in a single day

The best part is that our automation suite is wholeheartedly optimized for scale: it is designed and built by trust architects with deep experience operating at web scale, so it fights complexity for you. Our platform automatically detects and consolidates duplicate rules, optimizes data queries, and parallelizes model execution to calculate risk decisions in milliseconds – faster than a human can blink.

Enterprise trust platforms typically take years to develop and require millions of dollars to support and maintain. SpecTrust deploys in minutes to unlock instant trust. Request a demo today!

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