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Unlock Instant Insights

Discover customer identity, intent, and behavior across all of your digital experiences. Highlight opportunities to remove unnecessary friction for your good customers while uncovering where bad actors are attempting to commit fraud and abuse.

Discover Insights

Automatic analysis of each customer journey reveals emerging trends and their impact to your online business

  • Uncover business-impacting details of how users interact with your online experiences.
  • Discover how bad actors are bypassing your fraud and abuse defenses.
  • Leverage actionable insights that drive increased conversion, reduced fraud, and cost-effective defenses.

Search Sessions

Discover identity and intent using session search tools to find individual user sessions that could be related to a specific activity. 

Get instant answers to key questions about any visitor’s journey: who they are, what they experienced, and why.

  • Review interesting sessions or hunt for session patterns using our fully-featured search queries.
  • Save interesting session searches, create alerts, and inform automated insights.
  • Instantly commit interesting sessions to investigation queues for collaborative follow-up.

Investigate Issues

Resolve visitor trust issues using unified data in our centralized investigations interface.

  • Link-related visitor sessions and 3rd party data to drive accurate decisions.
  • Drive resolutions directly to your other tools and workflows.
  • Leverage automatic linking and pattern matching to categorize and resolve repeated visitor trust issues.

Manage Specs

Control how our Spec Trust Cloud scans visitor interactions and captures data using our intuitive visual editor.

  • Scan and protect new experiences and endpoints with clicks, not code.
  • Automatically clean and normalize data for instant use in workflows and detection models.
  • Assign workflows to key checkpoints that eliminate unnecessary friction for good users while stopping bad actors.

Take Insights to the next level:

Spec Automate

If you are ready to go beyond visibility into versatility, it’s time to unlock instant Automation.

Unlock Instant Automation

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