SpecTrust Named in Gartner’s Innovation Insight Report


Akif Khan’s latest Gartner innovation report gave a shout out to SpecTrust’s orchestration capabilities. We are beyond ecstatic to be included in the research and see our favorite topic in the spotlight! Though “orchestration” seems to be the current mother of all buzzwords, the Gartner report mentions there is not “a well-understood product set”.

There are certainly leading edge companies that have made orchestration central to their operations, such as Indiegogo, which recently announced SpecTrust as its vendor of choice to manifest its Trust & Safety strategy. Still, what does this jargon mean and why does it come up? The Gartner report mentions that clients almost never ask about “orchestration” directly, but rather talk about their challenges ”managing integrations with multiple vendors; tying together risk insights from multiple solutions to try and make a decision; and difficulties in delivering dynamic UX based on differing risk levels.” The report goes into more detail, and we can’t recommend it enough.

We’ll leave you with this: keep your expectations high. Platforms with orchestration capabilities like SpecTrust’s should solve all these challengeand more. (Sidebar: the lack of standardization around the term “no-code” has similarly led to lowered expectations. No-code solutions should never require an API integration.)

An orchestration solution should give you total control of the customer journey and unlock all of these capabilities for you:

  • Instant access to hundreds of internal and external data sources without requiring you to use code
  • Ability to update your fraud strategies and security policies anywhere along the customer journey and in real-time
  • A single source of truth with normalized data across integrations and your online experience
  • Controls at a granular level (e.g., every page visit, form submission, and button click)

We love seeing the moment when this all clicks for our enterprise customers, and they realize the efficiency gains and growth engine our platform represents. Set up a chat with us today to learn more!

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