What are Your Fraud Teams Waiting Months to Get?


Fraud Isn’t a Waiting Game

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Nate Kharrl, surveyed merchants about the time and effort it takes to adjust fraud strategies. By no surprise, results show the struggle and constant effort needed by defense teams to stay on top of changing business needs and fraud evolution.

It’s 2022, implementing fraud solutions should take minutes, not months.

Spec’s Trust Cloud offers:

  • Creates a single source of truth for business teams to collaborate on
  • Offers a full context look at the user journey by capturing end-to-end coverage
  • Uncovers exploits, abuses, and issues quicker through data harmonization
  • Empowers business teams with tools to quickly solve exploits, abuses, and issues
  • Unique solution implementation through the no-code platform

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What are your fraud teams waiting months to get? It's 2022 fraud solution implementation should take minutes not months.
What are fraud teams waiting months to get?

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