How the Trust Cloud Stopped a Multi-Phase Fraud Attack in Real Time

Join the fraud-busting ride: our Trust Cloud equipped a consumer marketplace to take down a complex, multi-phase fraud attack in real time, riding along with the fraudster all the way to the shutdown.

It takes a massive amount of effort to parse the data that is generated by bot traffic and link it to human browsing on compromised accounts. It seems impossible to prevent further compromised accounts with a fix on the same day. We did it.

The Trust Cloud processes, links, and visualizes events across the entire user journey for easy analysis. Our customer’s website had a massive spike in traffic (over 200K sessions per day across multiple days), many originating from the same IP address. A bot network was clearly attempting to log in to various accounts. 

Spec was able to pull all sessions related to the attack into an investigation on behalf of our customer. Through analytics provided in our Hub (see below), Spec was able to show the customer that most login attempts failed, but a handful did succeed. When a bot was able to successfully log in to an account, a human clearly took the wheel and started taking actions on the account. Spec is able to provide this insight because the Trust Cloud spans the entire user journey, not just login or payments or other isolated moments.

Our customer approved an immediate change that would kill the feedback loop for the attackers: never tell them when an account was successfully logged in. From this point forward, no compromised accounts had human activity. At the request of our customers, Spec can change the user journey, such as quarantining bad actors. 

It can take months to discover a breach. It can take more months after that to stitch together the story. It can take more months after that to resolve. With Spec, it can all be done the same day, like it was for our customer. Request a demo today to see what the Trust Cloud can enable for you.

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