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Secure your customer journey with Spec

Proactively secure your digital properties with end-to-end protection and the power to automatically stop AI-attackers in their tracks.

The average enterprise reports 3
defense breaches each year

Each breach requires months of unplanned work
Total adversarial attack volumes have tripled since 2020
Over 41 billion dollars was lost to online fraud in 2022

Sources: Visa Report, LexisNexis Report, Juniper

Automatically detect and close the vulnerability gaps in your online defense stack.

Spec scans each user session, monitoring the activity that single-point defense applications can’t see, and responds to attacks in real time.

With Spec you can:

Prevent reverse-engineering of your online defenses and stop data leakage that feeds adversarial AI models.
Construct the entire user session and get complete customer journey data that powers real-time decisions.
Upgrade your defense tools in minutes, not months. No more setup headaches and no need to push code.
Unlock actionable insights that will continually reduce attack vulnerabilities without increasing customer friction.
Enhance third-party solution signals with enhanced data, maximizing your existing investment.
Respond quickly to shifting business needs with instant, no-code deployments of new solution providers.

Block attackers at the door. No code required.

The Spec platform has pre-built integrations with the leading security, fraud, ecommerce, and customer experience applications, enabling teams to deploy new tools in minutes and achieve the ideal, low-friction security and fraud stack, without writing a line of code.

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