Spec makes fraud technology simple

Get instant access to the fraud solutions you need to stay ahead of evolving attacks.

Our no-code platform makes it simple to manage the fraud technology that protects your business from cybercrime threats, saving you millions and enabling you to stay focused on delivering amazing customer experiences.

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How can the Trust Cloud help you?

instantly deploy fraud solutions

Get instant integration of any API-based solution, anywhere in the customer journey, without writing a single line of code.

orchestrate fraud defense workflows

Craft seamless multi-step workflows that supercharge operational performance and optimize vendor spend.

dynamically shape customer journeys

Respond to emerging threats, changing business needs, and new technology trends directly from the Trust Cloud in minutes, not months.

Unlock Instant Trust

Our no-code Trust Cloud deploys invisibly in front of any website or API in minutes with two simple network configuration changes. There are no APIs to integrate or JavaScript to deploy.

Teams use our intelligent platform to instantly integrate APIs, automate workflows, and shape customer journeys in order to unlock revenue and defend against dynamic cybercrime threats.

No code required.

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Orchestrate amazing customer journeys

Limitless no-code integrations, one Trust Cloud.

See the Trust Cloud in action:

See how the Trust Cloud instantly integrates and orchestrates
dynamic solutions that shape amazing customer experiences.

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