How An Impossible IT Roadmap Problem Was Solved In A Single Day

Our customer wanted to incorporate a 3rd party risk signal into their user journey to flag suspicious activity on their platform. They had an impossible problem, though: they couldn’t get their projects prioritized on this year’s IT roadmap. 

The problem was much worse than that. Our customer needed engineering to integrate the 3rd party risk vendor in order to start training the vendor’s risk models. Everyone knows it can take months – or longer – to get sufficient data to train a machine-learning model and tune for accuracy. It could be years by the time they could start using the risk signal.

It’s often hard to quantify the opportunity cost of investment decisions. It is very clear when the wrong decision has been made, however. The initial holiday cancellations from Southwest Airlines this past December were caused by extreme weather. The total system failure, where over 50% of its flights were canceled over multiple days, arose because of the wrong prioritization of IT projects.

“[Southwest Airlines] had focused on maintenance and ground operations ahead of crew scheduling, said [Southwest COO] Mr. Watterson. ‘At the time, that seemed like a proper sequence.’” 1

At Spec, we often hear our customers say the same thing: IT projects for fraud often become multiyear affairs, even when they make it onto the roadmap for this year. More often than not, fraud is prioritized when the house is already on fire. 

Fortunately, Spec was able to help our customer take a proactive stance on fraud and solve their impossible problem. We integrated the risk vendor at key points of the user journey and shortened their timeline by years by deploying the Trust Cloud in front of their platform in less than an hour. Read more here about how a no-code platform like the Trust Cloud can affect outcomes so quickly when compared to other solutions.

Moreover, within days of deploying the Trust Cloud, our customer was able to identify compromised accounts when they experienced an account takeover attack. Spec’s Trust Cloud provides more than a connection to a risk signal, it is a comprehensive approach to fraud. Our next blog post will dive into this more deeply – stay tuned!

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