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Fraud Prevention: First-Party Misuse

Detect and stop first-party misuse

Prevent refund fraud, customer service abuse, and fraudulent chargebacks by leveraging Journey Data to detect and stop unprofitable abusers before they impact your business.


Spec surfaces hidden data that detects first-party misuse and protects your business from unprofitable customers in real time.

Refund Abuse

Detect refund abuse using hidden linkages, behavior, and attack data. Effortlessly orchestrate data between customer service and warehouse systems in real time to power accurate refund decisions.

Policy Abuse

Link purchase, refund, and chargeback behavior using Journey Data to assess customer profitability and prevent abuse. Enforce policy directly from the Spec platform in real time.

Promotion Abuse

Protect revenue by linking promotional gifts and discounts to refunds, returns, and credits. Surface abusive behavior to your customer service teams in real time.

End-to-end protection against first-party misuse

Instantly recognize high-value customers and true first-time users that are operating within policy.

Detect attack behavior in real time and adjust strategies instantly without writing code.

Automate honeypot protections against pervasive attacks in order to blind and poison attacker tools.

Supercharge your tools with Journey Data

See the Spec platform in action

See how Spec leverages Journey Data to instantly detect and prevent attacks against your online customer experiences.