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Fraud Prevention for Marketplaces

Protections tailored for marketplaces

Detect collusion, abuse, compromised accounts, and fraud using the power of Journey Data. Secure your customer journeys from emerging attacks before they can impact your business.


Spec proactively detects fraud, collusion, and abuse before it creates problems for your marketplace.


Reduction in account attacks


Reduction in fraud chargebacks

3 week

Average payback period

Compromised Accounts

Detect compromised accounts, monitor their activities, and prevent them from taking actions that drive loss events and customer complaints. Automatically track emerging attack trends, expose networks of bad buyers and sellers, and honeypot malicious activity.


Uncover hidden linkages between accounts to detect abuse, scams, and money laundering using Journey Data collected by the Spec platform.

Marketplace Abuse

Prevent fraudulent listings, promotion abuse, refund abuse, and fake reviews from damaging the integrity of your marketplace using end-to-end visibility and protection of every customer journey.

Protect innovative customer experiences

Instantly recognize returning buyers and securely welcome them into a personalized experience that rewards platform loyalty.

Uncover emerging marketplace patterns that reveal scams, refund abuse, fraudulent listings, organized payment fraud, and money laundering.

Automate secure frictionless onboarding and fast seller payouts to grow your marketplace and create platform loyalty.

Supercharge your tools with Journey Data

See the Spec platform in action

See how Spec leverages Journey Data to instantly detect and prevent attacks against your online customer experiences.