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Fraud Prevention: Account Protection

Modern protection for customer accounts

Prevent advanced tactics and tools from compromising customer accounts. Use a complete understanding of each customer journey to stop emerging attacks before they can impact your business.


Spec proactively monitors emerging attacks and compromised account behavior to provide end-to-end protection.

Credential Stuffing

Stop persistent credential stuffing attacks that bot defenses miss. Spec leverages Journey Data to expose sophisticated attacks that would otherwise blend in with good logins.

Account Takeover

Monitor post-login activity to surface compromised account behavior and prevent unauthorized activity in a good user’s account. Automate account recovery to ensure seamless good user account access.

Shared Accounts

Surface hidden linking, behavior, and bypass tactics in order to detect unauthorized account sharing. Automatically enforce policy directly from the Spec platform.

Seamless customer account security

Instantly recognize returning users and automatically welcome them into a personalized experience.

Detect attack behavior in real time and adjust strategies instantly without writing code.

Automate honeypot protections against pervasive attacks in order to blind and poison attacker tools.

Supercharge your tools with Journey Data

See the Spec platform in action

See how Spec leverages Journey Data to instantly detect and prevent attacks against your online customer experiences.