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Fraud Prevention for Ticketing

Protect the experiences your customers love

Stop fraud, scams, and reseller abuse by using the power of Journey Data. Secure your customer journeys from emerging attacks before they can impact your ticketing experience.


Spec proactively monitors your customer journeys to protect good revenue and detect emerging fraud trends.


Reduction in account attacks


Reduction in fraud chargebacks

3 week

Average payback period

Card Testing

Stop manual and automated card testing that drives payment processing fees and harms your transaction acceptance rates. Spec detects manual and AI-agent powered attacks that bot detection misses.

Reservation Abuse

Secure your reservation system from advanced attacks that abuse your inventory and unfairly lock out good customers. Spec allows you to see and stop the tools and tactics that bypass your queueing strategies and abuse your purchase policies.

Pre-Auth Payment Risk

Uncover hidden behavioral and linking data to highlight high-risk purchases using Journey Data collected by the Spec platform.

Protect innovative customer experiences

Instantly recognize real users using Journey Data in order to maximize sell-through and unique good customer experiences.

Detect and prevent inventory abuse and unfair purchase behavior. Secure good customer experiences and prevent off-platform scams.

Automate honeypot protections against pervasive attacks in order to blind and poison attack tools attempting to bypass your defenses.

Supercharge your tools with Journey Data

See the Spec platform in action

See how Spec leverages Journey Data to instantly detect and prevent attacks against your online customer experiences.