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Spec protects enterprises from attacks anywhere along the customer journey

The Spec platform closes the vulnerability gaps between single-point defenses, responds to exploitation attempts in real time, and blinds AI-powered attack tools.

Spec automatically detects defense breaches and rapidly responds

Enterprise defenses fail on average three times per year, and that number is likely underreported. Detecting each of these breaches can take months, and fixing them can take longer. This work distracts engineering teams with unplanned work that takes them away from their growth-focused projects.

Spec securely collects rich user session data in real time, enabling continuous and secure threat monitoring without reliance on tamper-prone JavaScript or tracking tags. When threats are detected, Spec can remediate the issue before the user even leaves the site.

Spec prevents attackers from reverse-engineering and defeating defenses

Attackers uncover vulnerabilities in your defense tools and use data leaked from your websites to reverse engineer your defense systems and train ML models to evade detection. With Spec, all integrations, risk assessments, and workflows are invisible to the end user. Spec uses honeypot-based enforcement to divert threats and confuse adversarial tools, disrupting the attack and poisoning their models.

Getting started with Spec is easy

The platform deploys with a simple network configuration change or edgeworker update. Spec integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, residing at the edge alongside familiar platforms like CDN, DDoS protection, bot detectors, and web application firewalls (WAF). From this location, Spec provides a streamlined customer data pipeline that feeds into all your tools and APIs.

Limitless integrations

Through the Spec platform, you can connect to any REST API-based vendor without a line of code and instantly leverage all of your tools and data from a single source of truth.

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