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Fraud Prevention: Payment Protection

Payments protected by Journey Data

Protect your payments by scanning for fraudulent and abusive behavior across every customer interaction. Use a complete understanding of each customer journey to stop emerging attacks before they can impact your business.


Journey Data protects payments by proactively monitoring for malicious and suspicious activity across the entire customer journey.

Card Testing

Stop manual and automated card testing that drives payment processing fees and harms your transaction acceptance rates. Spec detects manual and AI-agent powered attacks that bot detection misses.

Promotion Abuse

Surface hidden linking, behavior, and bypass tactics in order to detect abusive promotion redemption and stop unprofitable checkouts. Automatically enforce policy directly from the Spec platform.

Payment Fraud

Use Journey Data to detect fraudulent purchase behavior, orchestrate consortium risk checks, and mitigate directly from the Spec platform.

Proactive payment protection

Instantly recognize good user behavior and returning good users in order to deliver frictionless checkout experiences.

Detect attack behavior in real time and make payment risk decisions that leverage signals hidden inside of Journey Data.

Automate honeypot protections against pervasive attacks in order to blind and poison attacker tools that attempt to bypass your defenses.

Supercharge your tools with Journey Data

See the Spec platform in action

See how Spec leverages Journey Data to instantly detect and prevent attacks against your online customer experiences.