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Join us at Money20/20 Las Vegas!

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The next Money20/20 Las Vegas conference is just around the corner, taking place October 22-25 at the Venetian in Las Vegas. It’s a way to connect with industry leaders, experts, and professionals to gain new insights on the most cutting-edge disruptive technology before they hit mainstream, share innovative ideas, and unique perspectives in payments, fraud, and fintech.

Stay ahead of the curve with the Spec Executive Team and Fraud Experts. 

Work with our leadership team and fraud and payments experts to discover how Spec can solve your fraud and payments challenges and defend against Adversarial AI models. At Spec, we are able to securely orchestrate risk and payments data, integrations, and actions with our no-code orchestration platform. Unlike traditional risk systems, our platform operates on 100% of the data generated by your end users. 

When meeting with our team, you’ll learn strategies attackers are taking and understand the ways to detect against the next generation of threats, such as AI-powered attacks, that can potentially save millions in costs and mitigate fraud losses for your business. 

The Spec Team is offering some exciting swag just for meeting with the team during the event and booking a personalized on-site Spec Platform demo. 

See a Live Demo at the Sift Booth #4208. 

Our partnership with Sift empowers businesses to effortlessly connect with a world-class machine learning solution to not only stay ahead of these next generation of threats, but to deliver trusted online experiences for their customers. 

We invite you to visit us at the Sift booth #4208 on Monday, October 23rd at 11:30am where we will be showcasing a live demo on how Spec can easily deploy into any tech stack and connect with world-class solutions such as Sift to provide a positive customer journey and reduce friction for their trusted customers. 

Swing into action with us during Money20/20 with our partners Sift and AtData!

At Spec, we value our partners as they are fundamental to our achievements, and they have the potential to contribute to yours as well.

During Money2020, we will be co-hosting a few events with our partners AtData and Sift. 

On Sunday, October 22nd, we will be hosting a fantastic golf outing with the Spec and AtData leadership team. It’s a great opportunity to meet with both teams before Money2020 begins. 

Location: Las Vegas National Golf Course

Date: Sunday, October 22nd

Time: 3pm 

Then on Tuesday, October 24th, after an engaging day full of sessions at Money2020, it will be time to unwind, network, and have a swinging good time at Topgolf, co-hosted by Spec and Sift. 

It’s the most perfect time to fine-tune your golf skills, engage in meaningful conversations with your peers, and make valuable connections while sipping on our ace-level beverages and savoring appetizers that are a real ‘fairway’ to heaven. 

Location: Topgolf, Las Vegas

Date: Tuesday, October 24th

Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm. 

First come, first serve.

We look forward to seeing you at Money20/20 Las Vegas!

If you’re unable to attend Money2020, but you’re still interested with meeting with the Spec Executive Team and/or you would like to see a customized demo, click here to schedule.

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