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Secure frictionless commerce protection

Gather insights from the complete journey to put a stop to payment fraud, account takeover, and the abuse of refund and loyalty programs.

Start each customer journey with instant trust

Unlock instant trust with our platform

Instantly welcome returning customers to their personalized account experience while our platform invisibly screens for signs of compromise and abuse.

Unlock instant insights

Discover and eliminate where your customers are encountering unnecessary friction throughout their journey from login to payment.

Unlock instant automation

Harness data to make expert automated decisions that protect the customer experience throughout each session.

Unlock instant orchestration

Unlock low-friction, high conversion experiences for your buyers and sellers with a single source of truth.

eCommerce: What does it mean to be protected by Spec?

Spec’s platform deploys invisibly in front of your eCommerce website or API to deliver secured frictionless digital experiences. Increase conversions by using a single source of truth to detect evolving fraud attacks, identify conversion drop offs, and optimize your payments strategy.

Make fast, accurate decisions using unified data

Eliminate buyer/seller data silos, speed up seller payouts, and provide low-friction, high-conversion experiences with unified data.

Stay ahead of account security threats

Stay ahead of evolving threats that use bot attacks, malware, ransomware, stolen passwords, phone scams, and device compromise to harm your business and your customers.

Start each journey with instant trust

Boost platform integrity by immediately recognizing good users, and blocking bad actors at any point within their journey.

Accelerate regulatory compliance

Instantly connect to trusted regulatory and identity partners to speed up customer onboarding.

Leave bad actors with nowhere to hide

Scan visitor behavior across their entire journey to catch the risk patterns that traditional fraud check APIs miss.–

Supercharge operations

Empower your analyst teams with end-to-end data, automatic linking, and custom workflow tools – all under one roof.

How can Spec help your team?

For fraud strategists and product managers

Seamlessly combine customer and vendor data into a single source of truth that drives fast, accurate decisions. Instantly integrate new data sources using our no-code platform, shrinking your strategy deployment time from months to minutes.

For leaders of trust and strategy

Empower your fraud prevention, operations, and digital experience teams with our platform to quickly and accurately detect and respond to emerging threats, while ensuring customers enjoy a frictionless experience.

For key stakeholders

Drive top-line growth with reduced user friction while also increasing bottom-line performance by using the Spec platform to make accurate risk decisions with cost-optimized workflows.

For digital experience teams

Discover and eliminate unnecessary friction in real-time to ensure good customers are guided through great experiences.

We provide limitless, no-code integrations for a single source of truth.

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See how Spec instantly integrates and orchestrates dynamic solutions that shape amazing customer experiences.