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The Only
No-Code Platform
for Instant Trust

Spec’s Trust Cloud is the only no-code platform that empowers businesses to integrate and orchestrate fraud defenses in minutes. Teams using the Trust Cloud act fast, learn fast, and win fast against constantly evolving cybercrime threats.

There is no JavaScript to deploy. There are no APIs to integrate. There is no code ever.

Unlock Instant Trust

Respond quickly to changing business needs, evolving attack tactics, and new technology trends.

Deploy directly via DNS

Traffic is routed to our Trust Cloud via DNS for dynamic async or sync processing before being proxied to the customer’s website or API.

Deploy via Edge Workers

Traffic is mirrored or routed to our Trust Cloud via serverless functions in Cloudflare, Fastly, Akamai, or AWS. Routed traffic is proxied to our customer’s website or API.

Redefine the speed of fraud fighting


Connect your traffic to the Trust Cloud:

Start protecting your customer journeys with the Trust Cloud in under 45 minutes. No code required.


Integrate, update, or replace solutions:

Set up workflows and integrate APIs based on any visitor interaction with just a few clicks.


Average Trust Cloud processing time:

Spec’s Trust Cloud scans customer interactions in less than a millisecond, faster than a human can blink.

Integrate and operationalize data anywhere in the customer journey

Built to power amazing customer experiences

Fundamentally Secure

Ensure data safety with private cloud environments, role-based access controls, in-product auditability, 2FA capability, secure key management and SOC2 Type 2 compliance.

Built for Global Scale

Keep your defenses up, fast and precise with our stack-agnostic infrastructure, auto-scaling & redundancy, auto-failover & recovery, and 24×7 monitoring and support.

Privacy by Design

Drive accurate risk and identity decisions while protecting end user privacy with our depersonalized analytics and dynamic masking, keeping your data private to your organization. 

Low-Latency Processing

Transform all internet traffic into normalized data and valuable insights on a global scale at sub-millisecond speeds.

See the Trust Cloud in action:

See how the Trust Cloud instantly integrates and orchestrates
dynamic solutions that shape amazing customer experiences.

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