SpecTrust Announces New Name, New Platform Features, and New Funding

Spec’s Trust Cloud — Visualizing the customer journey-time orchestration.

It has been a busy year for us so far. We have grown as a company in size, offerings, funding, and even brand. Our journey has been exciting, and continues to exceed our expectations.

Less than a year ago, we exited stealth and began sharing our technology with enterprise-level trust and safety leaders. We consistently saw how our Trust Cloud brought together peer leaders in trust, payments, security, and product to protect frictionless digital experiences, creating a new depth of collaboration within these companies. This evolution inspired us to simplify our name, build out new platform features, and deliver a platform that unites teams, data, and tools to unlock consumer experiences that begin with instant trust.

We started out as a fraud and security-focused platform and continue to be deeply passionate about that. But, as we grow our technology and our platform, we embrace our ability to serve beyond this core market and are so confident in the value we provide that we give our prospective customers the ability to try before they buy.

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