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Is your business facing security threats?

Spec is a trusted partner for organizations to detect, protect, and respond against an array of potential threats.

This holiday season, cyberattacks inevitably will disrupt businesses globally. If your business is under attack, Spec’s Incident Response Engagement can help.

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How to Defend Against AI-Powered Attacks in 2024 and Beyond

Check out our exclusive webinar, How to Defend Against AI-Powered Attacks in 2024, featuring Spec CEO Nate Kharrl as he delves into the evolving trend and strategies to bolster your defenses against AI-powered attacks.

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Let’s really talk about orchestration and customer journey

Watch a replay of our webinar with Fraud Boxer: let’s really talk about orchestration and customer journey.

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The new fraud technology stack white paper

Today’s fraudsters have mountains of breached data, sophisticated no-code tools, and huge support communities that make it easy to attack the…

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No-code reseller partner program to enable instant access to fraud solutions

Spec’s platform has enabled online businesses of various sizes to identify and block the attacks that target the gaps in their customer journey and connect them to any fraud tool that would help solve their problems. 

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Fraudology podcast: Fraudsters exploiting 3rd party fraud tools with Nate Kharrl

Discover the various exploits targeting the connections between online businesses and multiple fraud solution providers.

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